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About Us

ecoMUKTI Gifts mission is to invest in children’s talents and dreams. Our virtual village model is simple: ecoMUKTI Gifts provides children with the opportunity to realize their potential in a sport, art or life experience. You can join parents, friends and family and become part of their virtual village. From here the village help raise the child: listen, cheer and simply be a support, sometimes pooling resources to gift experiences that will help raise a creative and inspired child. From yoga to karate, calculus to clarinet, you will soon be able to find a safe, vendor in your neighborhood.

Why We Do What We Do

  • We believe that it is our collective responsibility to raise creative, inquisitive, and healthy children, who will nurture their communities and the planet.
  • We believe that children who are empowered in the creative arts, health and wellness, and critical thinking have the power to transform their lives and the world.
  • We don’t think geography should get in the way, so we provide easy to use tools to help you connect with tomorrow’s leaders.
  • We not only have hope in the next generation; we have a stake in their success.